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I want to sit with someone at 3 am and talk. Like really talk. I want you to tell me what keeps you up at night, that dream you keep having, what certain songs make you feel like, what you think happens after death. Talk to me about your family and your dreams.


My idea of flirting is making fun of each other until one of us fucks up and says something nice.


I do not care if you are my mortal enemy, if you ask me to do a period check on your behind to make sure your pants are still good i got your back dude

Sex is good, yeah. But, honestly nothing compares to falling asleep on your lovers chest and waking up at 3 am, giving her a kiss and pulling yourself a little closer and holding her a little tighter.

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I love being alone.
But I also love being accompanied by someone.
Laying around. Complete silence. With the occasional laughing because something you saw on tv.
It’s just so relaxing to me.
It’s comforting.

how the fuck do some girls get boyfriends so easily like wtf do you just create them in your basement or what

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: tiffaniquang: I’m afraid. I’m afraid he’s going to go to some other...


I’m afraid. I’m afraid he’s going to go to some other girl because she’s closer. I’m not worth waiting months and months for when there’s probably a girl ten times better right next door. I’m not even smart, I’m average in looks, and you would probably care so much more about…

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